TRIZ (a Russian acronym) stands for ‘Theory of Solving Inventive Problem’ developed by Genrich Altshuller and is the best known structured innovation methodology to:

  • Simplify solutions… A key concept in TRIZ is to trim components by redistributing functions. Higher simplification defines novelty, increases reliability and lowers cost
  • Accelerate market leadership by differentiating your product… Identifying conflicting requirements helps to define inventive problems. Enables novel solutions that can be patented
  • Enhance technology leadership leading to new product offerings… Patterns of engineering system evolution are repeated across industries. Empowers to predict nonlinear technology development
  • Reduce ideas to product ratio… Structured approach across organization helps in channeling resources.  More product offerings in shorter time
  • Facilitate WoW idea generation… Focus is on engineering system understanding and development. Enhances the quality of ideation from random to structured