Strategic Innovators & Leadership Program for Engineers / Scientists

TRIZ-based Systematic Innovation for New Product & Process Development (Physical / Digital) at low cost with strong patent portfolios 

TRIZ level 1, Innovator Beginner

Key learnings:

  • Learn the language of innovation

  • Model key problem in 3 unique ways (TC,PC,FoS)

  • Learn framework for Incremental and Radial innovations on product (Physical / Digital)

  • Identify and solve contradictions both at system level and parameter/ feature level

  • Learn the identify the next generation of your products

TRIZ level 2, Innovator Advanced

Key learnings:

  • Learn the language of innovation for Process

  • Model the problem in 4th way  Su-F model

  • Learn framework for sustainable innovation, Innovative Hybridization

  • Process Innovation… next evolution of process improvement (Manufacturing / Processes / Algorithms)

  • Introduce to ARIZ, the highest order of problem solving

TRIZ level 3, Innovator Expert

Key learnings:

  • Learn failure anticipation analysis, Super effect analysis,Inverse function oriented search

  • Model the problem in 5th way, ARIZ

  • Learn framework for Disruptive innovation with Trends. Build capability for long term forcasting

  • Learn the frame work of strategic innovators, S curve Analysis

  • Become an Innovation PRO

DFP® level 1 Catch-up

Key learnings:

  • Learn to model a claim using the language of innovation

  • Learn 2 methods of circumventing patents

  • Learn 2 strategies to protect your patent

  • Get introduced to TESE, Trends of Engineering System Evolution

  • Learn ways to strengthen your patents on Non-obviousness / Inventive step









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