Strategic Innovators & Leadership Program for Engineers / Scientists

TRIZ level 2, Innovator Advanced Workshop with MATRIZ certification

Innovator Advanced

Unless someone sees a big picture one can’t find opportunitues to innovate. The starting point of an innovator journey is to learn the language of innovation and invent new features of product. Now it is time to innovate on the process that makes the product. The Second step in the journey of Strategic innovator is to get a good handle on how to innovate at the process level and build sustainable innovations.

The methodology that we adopt is evolved 70 years back by decoding the smart moves of the most famous innovators across the world and summarized a structured method of problem solving.

Key learnings from this workshop include:

  • Learn the language of innovation for Process

  • Model the problem in 4th way using substance Field modelling

  • Framework for SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION, Innovative Hybridization

  • Process Innovation… next evolution of process improvement (Physical / Digital)

  • Develop solutions beyond your core area of knowledge / competence, Out of the box solutions

  • Introduces to ARIZ, the highest order of problem solving

  • Introduces to TESE, Trends of Engineering System Evolution


Be the Innovator Advanced to INVENT FAST! This learning brings additional new methods of Product innovation (Physical / Digital) from level 1 workshop and introduces you the innovation language for Process (Manufacturing/Software), to innovate in a process. It gives clear framework for engineers/ scientists to develop SUSTAINABLE innovations using the Substance Field Modelling.

This methodology is being used by Fortune 500 companies to solve technical problems and invent new products or improvise existing products.

Innovator Advanced is a hands-on problem solving workshop scheduled to be spread over 2 weeks with each day of 4 hour online learning. The online workshop would be conducted using Microsoft Teams / WebEx with daily exercise for individuals and weekly exercise for teams.

For Engineers / Scientists who have many years of experience, more is their psychological inertia. The important question to ask is how many solutions that one can bring beyond their core competency / knowledge. Psychological inertia is habitual thinking. As we grow, we build a kitty of known solutions and try to apply. This primarily stops one to think creatively. We use 40 Inventive principles identified by Genrich Altshuller (father of TRIZ) and teach how to apply them to overcome psychological inertia along with other tools. 

With changing boundary conditions due to the pandemic, many best known solutions are redundant. we need to evolve much faster and bring solutions from domains beyond our normal understanding.

Some of you may be seasoned inventors, why would this learning be required NOW? This learning is a summation of methods adopted by the best innovators across the world over last 70 years. You might have applied few of these skills built over a period of time. With this learning you can adopt other tools and techniques.

For Senior  managers, Directors you have developed the knowledge over long period of time. In the present pandemic, the need to empower your teams to solve problems effectively and doing it right the first time. Do you want your teams to sharpen their saw of contributing to novel solutions? If yes, with this learning being adopted, their learning curve would be fast. In other words, what you have achieved over years can be nurtured in few months.

Play the game of Innovation and learn how to develop SUSTAINABLE Innovation and build MGPP and MGTP as described in Level 1

By the end of this workshop, each one would learn

1. Build a blue print of problems to solve using analytical tools in 4 different unique ways both for Product and Process

2. Learn out of Box thinking applied on Products & Process (Physical / Digital)

3. Learn to innovate on a PROCESS!


Engineers: Lead/Senior/staff/Principle/Chief

Scientists: Lead/Researcher/Senior/ Principle/Chief

 Leadership: managers, Senior Managers,  Directors, Technology Leaders


Mahindra & Mahindra, ABB, SABIC, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, General Electric, Unilever, Hyundai, Intel, POSCO, LG, SKF, Honeywell, Raychem RPG, Siemens, Philips Healthcare, Tata Steel, ST Micro Electronics,


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Workshop spread over 1 month with mutiple exercises to internalize learning

Sep. 6-9,13,15-17,20-24


IST 8.30 AM – 11.30 AM

we use Microsoft Teams for online workshops

Come as a team of 3 members with one tough problem. Pre-requisite is TRIZ level 1 certification

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We enable the 5 axis of product/process innovation along RISIR®

In the last 15+ years of deploying TRIZ across large corporations and enabling thousand+ patented solutions, what stands out clearly is the problem scoping to solve using TRIZ methodology. Sri Kishan has devised RISIR® ,5 AXIS of Technical Innovation that any product or manufacturing process can adopt and come with powerful solutions that can be patentable. Teams come with problems along RISIR® and We enable them to come with novel and tangible outcomes. For practical solutions, mentoring sessions are required.

Reduce Product COST
Increase Product RELIABILITY
SIMPLIFY a given product
Improve Product PERFORMANCE
Reduce product HARM



  • Introduction to TRIZ-base Systematic Innovation
  • Analytical TRIZ Tools. Function Analysis (Component Analysis, Functional modeling) for Technological Process
  • Advanced analytical TRIZ Tools. Cause-Effect Chain Analysis (CECA)
  • Define Key Problems to solve
  • Innovation Strategies – Incremental & Radical for Process
  • New concept development – Trimming for Process
  • Innovation strategies – Sustainable for Product
  • Problem model 4: Substance Field Modelling, 76 ways to model a problem to INVENT FAST!
  • Algorithm for building SUSTAINABLE Innovation
  • Lean Innovative hybridization 
  • Introduction to ARIZ, Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving
  • With a recap of level 1
  • Official Level 2 MATRIZ Certification Test

Level 2 workshop is being organized in association with ATTI, India’s regional MATRIZ association.

Level 2 workshop is taught by Dr. Sergei Ikovenko, TRIZ Master and supported by Sri. Kishan, TRIZ level 3 Practitioner and Founder Chairman of ATTI









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