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It was a wonderful learning experience to be part of the TRIZ level 1 training workshop by Kishan. It was very helpful to have a structured, live problem-centric approach to innovation, a series of well-defined steps to approach this area. Kishan’s way of communicating complex ideas in an easy-to-understand way were very useful to quickly absorb them. With  real-life practical examples and intense engagement where we kept applying the concepts as we learnt them, the structure of the course was appropriate to learn and apply the concepts. With a varied team of participants, there was excellent learning from the experiences of the various participants.


Mr. Ganesh Suryanarayanan

General Manager & Technology Leader – Digital Consumer IoT

Tata Group Technology & Innovation Office

My team & I have attended multiple levels of Product Innovation Workshops conducted by Shri. Tito Kishan Vemuri through his firm Proinn Consultancy®. We have experienced the structure that guides us on the path of product Development, where Technology Development is not a miracle but a systematic result. We have experiened ways to develop new inventions & make them applied on actual product development. My team developed new inventions that are in pipeline under his mentoring & coaching. I strongly believe that this learning “empowers everyone to invent”

Mr. Mihir Soundalgekar

Executive Director

I attended the workshops conducted by Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri and his firm, Proinn Consultancy®. Based on the learning from the workshops and TRIZ methodologies, I am able to develop multiple inventions and believe that the structured Innovation learning imparted by him “Empowers everyone to Invent”

Dr. Saravanan

Principal Scientist, Mahindra & Mahindra

I SS Narayan attended the product innovation workshops conducted by Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri’s firm, Proinn Consultancy®. The structured innovation course content enhanced my problem definition, formulation & Solutioning skills and enabled emergence of inventive solutions. we filed a patent application there are 2 more in the pipeline. I strongly am convienced that structured innovation methodology imparted by Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri, definitely “Empowers everyone to Invent”

Mr. S S Narayan

DGM Innovation

I attended the product innoation workshops conducted by Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri through his firm, Proinn Consultancy®. I could develop multiple inventive solutions and filed multiple patent application(s). I believe that the structured innovation learning imparted by him, Empowers everyone to Invent.

Mr. Ishant Jain

Principal Manager, Raychem Innovation Center

I attended the TRIZ level 1 workshop and training conducted by Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri in Dec. 2018. The program has immensely helped with understanding fundamentals of how innovation can be accomplished in a structured way, and has helped to empower me with the right knowledge, tools and methods to arrive at multiple viable solutions to the problems. Through this process I am now bale to boldly tackle difficult problems that require me to invent new technical solutions and also address problems on how these can be successfully rolled out and accepted and adopted by my customers and stakeholders. I strongly believe that this learning process Empowers everyone to invent. I appreciate Sri. Tito Kishan Vemuri for coming up with this novel learning program, learning materials and process of teaching these through examples.

Mr. Vaidya Sundaram

Program Manager

I am an engine design engineer working with TVS Motor company Ltd., Harita, Hosur, Tamilnadu in different roles with more than 10 years of experience. I am post graduate, M.Tech in Mechnical Engineering with Thermal engineering specialization from Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

I have attended the learning program, product innovation workshop that Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri organized through his firm, Proinn Consultancy®.

The Structured innovation concepts (TRIZ, Level 1) taught in the program is very useful for the engineering problem solving in the automotive industry. The methods mentioned in the program are very useful and therefore they empower everyone to invent.

I thank Mr. Tito for sharing the learnings and wish him the best for his activties to bring more innovations from every engineer.

Mr. Sumith Joseph

Senior Manager, TVS Motors

I attended the product innovation workshops conducted by Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri through his firm, Proinn Consultancy®. This structured innovation learning enhanced my problem-solving skills and enabled to develop new inventive solutions. I believe that the structured innovation learning imparted by Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri, empowers everyone to invent. He brought his 20+ years of industry experience and was able to inspire new way of combining existing processes and/or assets in new ways to ensure intended outcomes.

Mr. Ravi Krishna

IT Professional









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