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Hasri Hasan

Tito Kishan was instrumental in setting up and implementing the Cost Out and Avoidance (COA) program in AirAsia. The COA program was a strategic program developed with GE Aviation to implement cost savings initiatives in AirAsia using proven methodologies such as lean six sigma. During the early phase of the COA program, Kishan has helped to design and implement the right governance, robust structure and other building blocks to ensure a sustainable program in AirAsia.

As GE Aviation Quality Program Manager in AirAsia, Kishan has delivered numerous trainings in lean six sigma like Green belt, Black belt and Champions course, mentored green belts and black belts, and facilitated the implementation of various improvement projects in AirAsia.

With his strong knowledge and experience in various methodologies and tools, Kishan was able to coach and mentor AirAsia’s Green Belts and Black Belts to effectively implement their projects. This was also helped by his innovative thinking and rigorous project management practices put in place to ensure the projects achieve the desired results.

With Kishan’s guidance and assistance, AirAsia has managed to implement the COA program successfully and achieve significant results. More importantly, the knowledge and experience gained from this program was valuable for AirAsia to continue to be efficient and innovative to be ahead of its competitors.

-Hasri Hasan, former Head of Performance Improvement, AirAsia (2010 – 2014)