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SILP (Strategic Innovators/IP Leadership Program for Professionals) Virtual '22

Strategic Innovators/IP Leadership Program has 6 KEY Transformative learnings with WORLD CLASS certifications from MATRIZ, DFP-Institute and from Tufts & MIT (Non-credit)

Product Innovator Beginner, TRIZ L1 + DFP-1 Catch-up

1st Step: Innovate at a component level


You can choose to attend:

1. TRIZ L1

2. DFP-1 catch-up post TRIZ L1

3. TRIZ L1+DFP-1 catch-up

Product Innovator Advanced, TRIZ L2 + DFP-2 Catch-up

2nd Step: Innovate at Process (sub-system) level

You can choose to attend:

1. TRIZ L2 post TRIZ L1

2. DFP-2 catch-up post TRIZ L2 and DFP-1 catch-up

3. TRIZ L2 + DFP-2 catch-up


Product Innovator Expert, TRIZ L3 + Change Leadership

3rd Step: Innovate at System level for disruptive solutions

You can choose to attend:

1. TRIZ L3 post TRIZ L2 & L1

2. Change Leadership alone

3. TRIZ L3 post TRIZ L2, & L1+ Change Leadership

Change Leadership

Leadership without Authority

The bigger differentiator that enables growth of people among the peers is their ability to influence without authority.

Collaboration is the name of game. One can be innovative by learning TRIZ levels 1, 2 & 3 and DFP levels 1 & 2, but a critical limitation comes when one has to get commitment from their team members to a plan. Using authority is one time approach and can result in not a positive outcome. The need is to  influence people without authority and able to get their commitments done. 

With a corporate leadership of 2 decades Sri. Kishan has devised a unique program on “Change Leadership” workshop using Iccha Jnana Kriya Sakthi® framework.

Key learnings from this workshop:

1. Learn to acclerate change using Iccha Jnana Kriya Sakti® framework

2. Question the status-quo for building a shared need

3. Drive right behavious

4. Mobilize commitment 

5. Build systems to sustain the change with right rewards & recognition


We use the Kurt Lewin’s approach of “unfreeze“,  “change” and “freeze” to define the flow and use Iccha Jnana Kriya sakthi® as a framework to grow people in their leadership as Innovation / Intellecutal Property Leader.

If the sales leadership in an organization want to increase their effectiveness, it is a product of two critical aspects as mentioned below:

1. Adopt a solution like salesforce.com to  increase the quality of the solution (it comes with a cost)


2. Acceptance of the sales team to this new adoption

Even though many of the large corporations have a good quality of the solution, the effectivness may not the to its fullest level, as it is a function of its people’s acceptance.

The key lies in building a shared need among the sales team and mobilize commitment to be part of the change towards the destination.

With the pandemic there are many pockets of excellence working to bring disruptive solutions to the market. A critical need for each of these leadership is to influence without authority. As I mentioned earlier, authority can be used only once and trust me, the acceptance goes for a toss.

This workshop is about how to grow individuals on leadership where they don’t have direct control and still need to get things done effectively.

Iccha Sakthi enables the manifestation of higher You… Purpose, Defining the destination

Jnana Sakthi enables the strategies to deal with ‘questioning the status-quo’, promoting the right behavious, convey the progress to stakeholders

Kriya Sakthi enables to ‘mobilize commitment’, build systems for sustainence and to recognize people for their behavious

Multiple tools will be used to enable people to increase their leadership without authority

Accelerating Change with outcomes is Leadership

Sri. TitoKishan, CEO, Proinn® & Chairman, TRIZTI (India's regional MATRIZ Association)

Sri. Kishan certified 50+% of TRIZ level 1 in India with MATRIZ certification. He is on a mission to groom 1 Million Innovators.


Where this learning was taught

TVS Motors

Target Audience



IP Professionals (Patent Agents, Patent Attorneys, IP Analysts from Patent firms / corporate)


Come as team of 5 members with one change initiative that you need to drive in your organization. This learning enables to learn methods develop organizational transformation 

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Agenda of Change Acceleration

Change Accleration: 









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