Be a certified TRIZ Expert with TRIZ level 3, the maximum learning in TRIZ through workshops.

Though graduating from the MATRIZ certification programs is quite an achievement they are not usually recognized as something equal to accomplishments in academia. The Level 3 program that we offer, covers all the topics required by MATRIZ, but also some other TRIZ applications. It allowed to get additional accreditation of the program with the European Commission as well as obtain the recognition of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Those who will graduate from the program will obtain Level 3 Certification from MATRIZ and on top of that, a certificate from MIT indicating that the program corresponds (covers) to all TRIZ-based courses at MIT.

To apply TRIZ learning into day to day problem solving, it is proven that mentoring is critical. You can sign up for paid sessions. A NDA would be signed with PROINN Consultancy® to ensure that the Proprietary and confidential information are taken care.

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