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ProInn Consultancy® is the only Indian brand known across large Indian / MNC corporations that brings PREDICTABILITY  in either “Product / Manufacturing Innovation”, “Operational Excellence” or “Deploying strategic change initiatives”  with tangible results in time.

Founded by Mr. Tito Kishan Vemuri, India’s TRIZ Specialist and Structured Innovation Coach, who has a proven track record of:

  1. Mentored hundreds of inventors while working at GE Energy India Engineering Operations, Bangalore and led a culture change of technical innovation that resulted to close to a thousand US patent fillings in 6 years
  2. As an operational excellence coach to AirAsia Berhad and its’ affiliates, established and delivered an operational excellence program that resulted in multiple millions of USD savings
  3. Led a unique change in the recent Indian corporate history of developing a culture of Technical Innovation by leading the change with significant results

Since Jan. ’15, inception of ProInn Consultancy®, there are many success stories through workshops and mentoring like (Many inventors groomed, Many patents filed, Multiple USD million savings in product cost) to the client’s that range from business verticals like:

  • Aviation
  • Automobile
  • Power Generation and Distribution
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Electronic devices
  • Materials (Plastics, Glass, etc.,)
  • Engineering services and IOT devices