ATTI and Proinn Consultancy® conducted India’s 1st TRIZ level 3 workshop.

Appreciation letter from Dr. Yury Fedosov, President of MATRIZ, The International TRIZ Association.

Mr. Kishan has certified 200+ professionals in TRIZ level 1 since 2015 (prior to that he trained hundreds of engineers at GE Energy India Engineering Operations) and is the only Indian to give TRIZ Keynote talks across Asia… Malaysia and China.

The present mission that Kishan is working on is to groom 5000 inventors by 2020. He along with fellow professionals formed Association for TRIZ and Technical Innovation, ATTI, that organized India’s 1st MATRIZ conference, Bharat TRIZutsav® in 2016 and in 2017. visit The 2018 edition is scheduled in 1st week of August.

Tito Kishan Vemuri

I am one of the CEM Representatives of MA TRIZ (The International TRIZ Association) to teach and Certify on levels of TRIZ learning. with over 10+ years of teaching TRIZ and mentoring inventors, developed 5 AXIS of Technical Innovation that any product or manufacturing process can adopt and come with powerful solutions that can be patentable in my TRIZ workshops with MATRIZ certification.

  1. Reduce cost
  2. Increase Performance
  3. Increase Reliability
  4. Simplify (reduce parts or process steps… beyond Lean)
  5. Reduce Harm

“How to formulate, find key disadvantages and solve problems”… Sr. R&D Scientist, Gurgaon

“Solving a problem through a systematic approach. Breaking psychological inertia. Coming up with multiple solutions to every problem”… Patent agent, Technology services, Chennai

“New way of solving technical problems & develop new solutions towards MGPP & MGTP”… Sr. engineering manager, Bangalore (MGPP – Multi generation product plan, MGTP – Multi generation Technology plan)

“Introduced to a new way of problem solving approach. Understand the system and functions to lead to intermediate disadvantages and key disadvantages”… Researcher, R&D Center, Bangalore

“Thinking beyond the psychological inertia”… Experimentation researcher, R&D Center, Bangalore

“Structured way of thinking about innovation. Various effective tools”… Sr. R&D Manager, Gurgaon

“Application of principles to handle the complex problem and solve it easily”… Sr. R&D Scientist, Gurgaon

“Simplified tools for everyday problem solving in a structured manner”… R&D engineer, Gurgaon

“Did not have any idea on what to expect from the session, but ultimately found it to be very interactive and fruitful”… Sr. Engineer, Bangalore

“Breaking the inertia, structured way of creative thinking” & 9 windows”… IOT consultant

“Hands-on activity was useful – helped to understand tools. Training methodology was excellent”… Head R&D, Bangalore

“The training taught about systematic way of addressing a problem situation. ‘Trimming’ will be an interesting point on which we will use day to day. The MATChEM ideas to think out of streams. And many more”… Researcher @ R&D, Bangalore

“Defining the right problem gives powerful solutions. Making new connections (through trimming) gives questions which are thought provoking and of high order””… Marketing Executive, Chennai

“Application of principles to handle the complex problem and solve it easily”… Sr. R&D Manager, Gurgaon

“I learnt how to understand, identify and frame technical problems. I learnt how I could use some of the tools provided by TRIZ to solve problems”… Sr. project advisor Intellectual Property, Chennai

“Trimming, develop inventive problems and find solutions”… VAVE engineer, Chennai

“Systematic approach to problem diagnosis and problem solving”… Engineering Specialist, Chennai

“How to formulate a problem. How to deduce interactions of the components. How to get an idea of evolutions based on super system. Principles of inventions & Separation, satisfy & bypass technique”… Sr. Researcher @ R&D, Chennai

“How to formulate, find key disadvantages and solve problems”… Sr. R&D Scientist, Gurgaon

“Systematic approach to problem solving / definition”… Industrial designer @ R&D center, Chennai (a design thinking practitioner)

“The TRIZ toolkit was effectively demonstrated and articulated. The problem formulation methodology along with ways to solve the problem are key learning”… Sr. Expert, R&D center, Bangalore.

“Breaking inertia, Problem definition, Developing concepts from functional modelling, Technical contradictions, physical contradictions and how to solve them”… Patent Attorney, R&D center

“How to identify target disadvantages by applying TRIZ tools to break it down & find solutions. How to break psychological inertia”… Engineering Manager, Mumbai

“very useful program, in terms of learning methodologies to understand ways to look at problems differently and then analyse for solutions”… Sr. Engineer, Bangalore

“More such programs help in inventive thinking & provide opportunities to innovate”… Sr. Researcher, Vadodara

“How to circumvent patents, solve problems in an innovative way”… Sr. R&D Scientist, Gurgaon

“It was a wonderful learning experience to be part of the TRIZ level 1 training workshop by Kishan. It was very helpful to have a structured, live problem-centric approach to innovation, a series of well-defined steps to approach this area. Kishan’s way of communicating complex ideas in an easy-to-understand way were very useful to quickly absorb them. With  real-life practical examples and intense engagement where we kept applying the concepts as we learnt them, the structure of the course was appropriate to learn and apply the concepts. With a varied team of participants, there was excellent learning from the experiences of the various participants”.


Mr. Ganesh Suryanarayanan

General Manager & Technology Leader – Digital Consumer IoT
Tata Group Technology & Innovation Office

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